WELCOME TO Carot.Today

  1. Caort.today is semi online portal, what is semi online? portal means we will take orders maximum from online website or mobile app and as we don’t maintain the stocks against products we can customize maximum at the customers interest and tastes. And we will deliver the finished products via courier to customers door step in 7 to 10 days’ time period.

  2. How to get estimations for the products? In the portal, carot.today is giving approximately price to the heavy items in that case any customization required or any design change is required Customers can call to estimation department - 18002081999 toll free no and get their price as per their design.

  3. Advance against orders? Carot.today will take minimum 50% 0r 75% or 100% advanced to freeze the order. Once freeze the order manufacturing of that particular jeweler will be started. Customers have to pay the amount in Caort.today current account. In case if any customer will deposit any members of the Carot.today account company will be taken responsible for the delivery. Current account details:
    Yes bank,
    IFSC code: YES0000817,

  4. How to cancel the order? Customers can cancel the order within 24 hours the time of placed the order. In case after one day if customer can cancel that particular design and can choose Another design as per their choice.

  5. If product is not meeting the quality what to do?
    Carot.today is promising to the customers will provide 22 CT’s gold and diamond ornament s in case any ornament is not up to the quality company will take return that product and customer can take another product in that jeweler place or money will be returned .

  6. If in product how to get the service? Any product is required any kind of service to customers like something is broken carot.today will support you and we will; give the 100% service on that jeweler.

  7. If customer having their own design? if customer is having their own design they can show via what’s up and get the estimation and get manufactured from our production department.

  8. What is Marriage and NRI contract? Home visit will be available for any marriage contract or NRI Contract. Our company Representative will visit your house with special jewelers stock.